AIEDge Artificial intelligence taken to the next level; enhance privacy with localized data processing, taking it closer to the user in the process. #EdgeAI #ML #machinelearning #data #AICorespot
Learn from industry experts and subject matter experts on the evolution of artificial intelligence.
AICorespot Horizon Horizons explores advancements within the broader ambit of Industry 4.0. Expect stimulating discussion on the state of AI, 5G/6G, EdgeAI, Blockchain, Robotics, Drone Technology, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.
#AI #5g #6g #Blockchain #Robotics #Drone #Edge AI
Neural Engines XT Drive your destiny and realize your dreams with neural engines XT. Experience the future of computing and machine learning with adaptive neural networks. #AICorespot #neural #neuralnetworks #ML #ANN #PDP #emerging #emergent #technology
Man and machine mirror each other – learn from our speakers about the silicon brain.


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AI, ML, Deep Learning, Robotics, IoT, Edge Computing, Analytics,
5G/6G, Drone, Edge AI, Digital Twin, AR Cloud

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it demystifies

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"Working with AiCorespot's team of experts was absolutely fantastic! Their passion and skill for developing high quality digital experiences, we are now able to educate and excite our target market succinctly."

Mika Schanules
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"Working with Wire’s team of experts to develop our human centered, interactive custom website was absolutely fantastic! Through S&P’s passion and skill for developing high quality digital experiences, we are now able to educate and excite our target market succinctly."

Laura Poll
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"Working with AICorespot has been an eye opener for us. The insight we've gained through our discussions have helped us come up with actionable plans for the future that take into account long-term considerations. It's been very exciting to make dynamic progress and we intend to keep our relationship going"

Johannes Schlauf
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"Networking is the backbone of progress. The connections I've made with the help of AICoreSpot have stimulated productive discussions which has served as guidelines to better position our products in the market, in addition to streamlining our own internal processes. AICoreSpot has been a lifesaver for us."

Jeny Maybey
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“Face-to-face conversations are the best resources for growing as a design leader. The connections I’ve made here are real, the advice and anecdotes are fresh and relevant, and it’s been equally rewarding to offer some help in return.”

Frank Yoo
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