Digital Era: How to Attract, Retain and Inspire Your Customers

8.45 am to 12.10 pm CT,
24 June 2022

AI-driven scanners in virtual trial rooms furnish a real-time picture to clients on

what would suit them – increasing satisfaction

Cashier-less, queue less stores are

automated by AI-driven technology

How technology is driving revenues in the retail and

help improve customer retention and satisfaction


customer patterns and trends

AI and Machine Learning can monitor

supply logistics, ensuring retail outlets are always stocked

Customer satisfaction

can be calculated leveraging AI strategies

AI in retail is interesting as it is a domain that will completely be redefined by smart, emergent technologies

Retail automation market growth forecast stands at a CAGR of 15.41% over 2021-2026, causing retailers to adopt in-store automation technology worldwide.

Frictionless checkout help retain and inspire customers.

The Retail companies relay on the digital transformation journey

Designing Customer Journeys for the Post-Pandemic World

The world is increasingly turning into a digital space. Consumers are increasingly looking online whenever they want to buy a product or service.

How Brands are Revamping Customer Experience

Cashierless Stores the Future of Retail Shopping

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24 June 2022 (8.45 am to 12.10 pm CT)
08:45 am
Aganda 1

Introduction of Speakers

-by Nitin Naveen, Vice president-Innovation Strategy, AICorespot


09:00 am
Aganda 2

Using data analysis and machine learning to boost new product development processes.

-By Kirill Ivanov, Chief Information Officer, Carely

Typical FMCG product launch cycles vary from 6 to 9 months from idea to the product available on the shelf or marketplace. Beside the cost and time, the launch of the new product involves significant risk of not fitting customers expectations, unexpected competitors moves, logistics issues and many other obstacles that one couldn’t foresee before product launch. Analysis of the market information from different sources, such as marketplaces data, customers reviews and discussions, professional publications etc can speed up the identification of potential products niches and customer segments, and through this determine product potential, pricing strategy, competitors landscape before going into costly production stages. In my presentation / discussion I’m going to talk about the overall approach to the new products development process and how it can be enhanced with data analysis and machine learning, what role customer-generated data plays in this and how this approach shifts the role of customer from consumer to co-creator of the product.


09:30 am
Aganda 6

How Technology Can Attract, Retain & Improve Customer Experience

Panel Discussion
– Chithrai S Mani, CEO, Digit7 (Moderator)
– Lightning Speaker 2
– Lightning Speaker 3
– Lightning Speaker 4


10:30 am
Aganda 2

How Artificial Intelligence improve Customer experience

-By Lightning Speaker 6


10:00 am
Aganda 2

How to engage customers through Food Safety excellence and promotion

-By Sonny Brar, Global Vice President, Health, Safety and Quality Assurance, Fiera Foods

How you can use you food safety success stories for branding and to do it!


11:30 am
Aganda 2

Personalization in Retail

-By Lightning Speaker 8


12:00 pm
Aganda 1

Thank you note and conclusion of event

-by Nitin Naveen, Vice president-Innovation Strategy, AICorespot

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