Learn how AI is changing the banking sector

08.45 am to 10.15 am CT,
22 February 2022

AI deployments in banking help in segmenting differing payments, furnish

suggestions to clients on the basis of payment history, and provide advice.

Client issue resolution through

chatbots are illustrating a high degree of efficiency

Mined data about customers can furnish

real-time recommendations through the power of analytics.

Such personalized AI-driven recommendations

improve client satisfaction and retention

The competitive edge is gained by enhancing compliance, improving client engagement,

and optimizing efficiency – AI plays a major part in this

AI and omnichannel decisioning can be a

value add to the cumulative client experience

76% of Chief Experience Officers, under the direction of Deloitte – concur that AI is a leading priority for differentiation

AI will enable banks to harness client data to obtain critical insights

AI/ML are inciting a paradigm shift within banking by supercharging fraud detection

AI/ML enable banks to be more precise with discerning creditworthiness and to prevent individuals from defaulting

Personalization of the client experience is a major aspect of the AI-driven makeover that the banking sector is receiving.

The client-business relationship will be greatly facilitate by AI-driven chatbots

Regulatory and compliance standards will have to be upheld, opening up jobs in the industry regarding AI/ML regulation

Banks will lose lesser money owing to the precision of AI/ML technologies and the potency of analytics

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22 February 2022 (08.45 am to 10.15 am CT)
08:45 am
Agenda 1

Introduction of Speakers

– Nitin Naveen, Vice president-Innovation Strategy, AICorespot

09:00 am
Agenda 3

AI – the grand differentiator and change maker in Banking

Panel Discussion​
– Jairo Riveros, Chief Strategy Officer & MD for the USA & Latam at Paysend (Moderator)
– John Levonick, CEO, Canopy
– Sanja Cancar-Todorovic, Head of Enterprise Procurement, Outsourcing & Vendor Management, Home Trust
– Paul Jusseaume, Corporate Counsel, Banking & Risk, Patriot Software
– Ling Zhang, Director of Data Science – Auto Valuation, Ally
– Kempten Schwab, Managing Director, STS Capital Partners


10:00 am
Agenda 1

Thank you note and conclusion of event

– Nitin Naveen, Vice president-Innovation Strategy, AICorespot