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Sandeep Pulavarty

With more than 20 years of technology corporate-side leadership and consulting service experience across highly-regulated industries and verticals, including distribution and transportation, retail, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and energy services, Sandeep has managed multimillion-dollar budgets and aligned globally dispersed teams to accelerate business transformation, creating higher customer satisfaction and competitive advantage for major corporations. Recognized for balancing futuristic vision, down-to-earth execution, and a sense of business urgency, Sandeep leverages business acumen and technical expertise to transform IT into a strategic company partner. As a trusted advisor to executive leadership teams, he provides expert advice on developing and integrating the best enterprise solutions and applications to enable organic growth, integrate M&A’s, and build profitability in the marketplace. Motivated by a “people-first” mindset, Sandeep propels business performance to the next level by developing world-class staff, transforming IT teams to deliver strong business value, and instilling a culture that rewards “bold moves”, process simplification, and customer focus. He proudly built an award-winning CIO 100 IT team, recognized for creating industry-pioneering applications.