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Terms & Conditions

This document lays out the terms and conditions between AICorespot and you – ticket holder or registered participant for AICorespot’s lineup of events and conferences. It is also applicable if you participate in any survey of AICorespot . 

In essence, on the basis of your registration or ticket purchase, you enter into a contract with AICorespot and are expected to comply and are bound by these conditions.  

AICorespot holds the right to alter these terms and conditions without notice. Altered terms and conditions will be uploaded on this website from 1/04/2021. 

Event organizer 

AICorespot is the leading AI-driven community which is in the business of managing events – by organizing technology virtual events, face-to-face conferences, webinars or similar events. Read the information below carefully as all bookings are subjected to AICorespot’s standard terms and conditions. 


  1.  Tickets cannot be resold. Resale renders the ticket void and the holder will be granted entry into the event. 
  1.  All available tickets should be allocated to an attendee, and all attendee details must be fully complete at least a month prior to the event. Tickets cannot be reassigned after this date. 
  1.  Tickets cannot be refunded under any circumstances. 
  1.  These terms are applicable regardless of the type of event – some events are physical, others online, and yet others can be attended as either. Individuals in attendance or those who register their interest are indicated to in these ‘Terms and conditions’ as ‘attendees’. 

Attending physical events 

Do inform us of any special access requirements at the time of booking confirmation with regards to any physical event.  

Ramps are provided for the disabled, wheelchair using attendees. We are a progressive organization and desire to optimize the attending experience for disabled candidates. 

With regards to face to face conferences, printed materials that are handed out have braille options. 

Attending digital/virtual events 

Digital/virtual events are internet-based events, that are accessible via your PC or smartphone using the address sent in the confirmation message emailed to you. 

The virtual event can be seen live during the course of the event. You are accountable for ensuring that you have the necessary desktop or mobile equipment and internet connection for accessing the digital event.  

You are not authorized to tape (audio/video) recordings of the digital event or utilize any photographs or screenshots of the digital event, specifically for commercial purposes, unless explicitly approved by AICorespot in writing. 

Materials (printed or otherwise) distributed by or on behalf of AICorespot in connection with a digital event, may not be reproduced without the consent of AICorespot . 


By consenting to take part as a volunteer at an event, I acknowledge the following: 

  • There is no guarantee or assurance of me being chosen as a volunteer at the event. 
  • If I break any written rules, or don’t show up on my assigned shift timings, my accreditation can be removed and I will be denied access to the event. 
  • I attest to the truth of all the statements made in the application. 
  • Selection as a volunteer grants permission to AICorespot – or other companies in the group to use the volunteer likeness, name, voice and words and television, radio, film, newspapers, magazines, and any other media both during and at anytime after the event and in any form, for advertising, or communicating the purpose of the events.  
  • Over the course of the event, I may be dealing with confidential information, and I agree to keep such info in the strictest of confidence. 
  • I have read and fully understood these terms and conditions. 

AICorespot maintains free lifetime use and access of any image or video content created by attendees at AICorespot (and any other connected events organized by AICorespot). 

Modifications/alterations to the policy 

AICorespot maintains the right to alter this data protection policy and declaration of consent at any time. Any modifications will be posted on our homepage and other places we deem to be appropriate so that you are aware of the changes. This policy was updated on 01/04/2021. 

AICorespot cancellation, postponement, and substitution policy 

Payment terms – upon completion and return of the registration form, complete payment is needed no later than 5 business days from the date of the invoice. 

Payment via credit/debit cards will come with processing fees based on the bank. 

Invoice agreements through any other method other than credit card or purchase order, will carry a 49$ processing fee for each individual delegate.  

Payment must be realized before the conference date. AICorespot , maintains the right to refuse admission to the conference if the payment has not been realized. 

All ticket purchases are completely non-refundable. You can alter your name on your ticket for up to 30 days prior to the event, by getting in touch with contact@aicorespot.io. 

AICorespot retains ownership to your tickets – it is a personal revocable license, which may be withdrawn, and admission can be refused at any time upon a refund of the printed registration price. 

With concern to cancellations obtained in writing no lesser than 7 days prior to the conference, you will obtain an 85% credit to be used at a separate AICorespotconference which must occur within 3 months from the date of issue of any such credit. 

An administration payment of 15% of the contract fee will be retained by AICorespot, for all permitted cancellations. No credit will be issued for any cancellations occuring within 6 (six) working days (inclusive of the conference.) 

In the scenario that AICorespot cancels an event under any circumstances, you will obtain a credit of 100% of the contract fee paid. You may use this credit for a separate AICorespot event to be mutually agreed with the AICorespot  Management committee, which must occur within six months from the date of cancellation. 

Under the scenario that AICorespot delays an event for any reason, you will obtain a credit for 100% of the contract fee paid. 

You can utilize this credit a separate AICorespot event to be mutually agreed with AICorespot Management Committee which must occur within one from the date of postponement. 

All of the above-mentioned credits will be in force once it is being sent in writing to contact@aicorespot.io. Except as notified above, there will be no issuance of any credits with regards to cancellations. Refunds cannot be furnished under any circumstances. 

AICorespot is not accountable for any loss or damage as a result of substitution, alteration, or cancellation, postponement of an event due to any reason.  

AICorespot shall not be liable in any form or fashion under the scenario that any conference is cancelled, rescheduled, or delayed owing to a fortuitous event, hand of fate, unpredictable happening, or any other kind of scenario that makes performance of this conference unviable, illegal, or otherwise not possible. 

For reasons specified in this clause, a fortuitous event may consist of but not be limited to: war, fire, labor strike, extreme weather, or any other such emergency. 

Please do know that while speakers and subjects were disseminated at the time of the publishing, any scenario beyond the immediate control of the organizers may mandate substitutions, modifications, or cancellations of the speakers and/or topics. 

As such AICorespot maintains the authority to alter or modify the speakers that have been announced, and/or the topics that have been intimated, without any liability to ticket holders or registered members whatsoever. Any changes will be specified on our website as soon as it is viable to do so. 

Delivery policy 

Following a purchase transaction, tickets are furnished in electronic soft-copy through email to the email ID specified by the purchaser. With regards to certain ticket variants, it may be required to complete mandatory information – such as attendee name or their tax identification number – before the tickets can be issued.  

The ticket is a receipt for the transaction and can be used to redeem entry at the event specified on the ticket. All ‘Early Bird’ discounts require payment in the time of registration. Any discount offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other, separate, offer. 

When you visit our website, a cookie (a very small text file) might be downloaded on to your machine (if you choose to accept it); this is to furnish you with a customized experience and to assist in obtaining website visitation numbers for analytics purposes.

You can refuse the cookie, if you desire to do so. For this, you will need to check your browser settings. 

AICorespot collects certain data with regards to your computer configuration and software packages that you have installed, this includes, and is not restricted to: 

  • The IP you are using 
  • What browser you are using to access the site 
  • Operating System make and version 
  • Access times 
  • Referring website address. 

This info is used for running the service, to uphold service quality, and to furnish generic stats concerning the utilization of AICorespot’s websites. 

Cookies are additionally utilized in conjunction with the membership of the site. If you opt to not have your machine consent to these cookies, you shall still be able to use and interact with the major portion of AICorespot’s website, however, you should be aware that you will be unable to register as a site member. 

Data we collect: 

Our main aim in obtaining private data from you is to provide you with a seamless, efficient, and customized user experience while utilizing our services.  

This helps us furnish services and features that are most likely to reach your necessities and expectations, and to customize our service to make your user experience easier and quicker. 

To completely utilize our services, you will be required to subscribe to newsletters where you will be needed to furnish us with your contact details and other data in connection to your professional employment.  

We have automatic tracking of specific information concerning you on the basis of your activity on our web address.  

We utilize this data for internal research on our visitor’s demographics, interests, and behavior for improved understanding and to serve our users. 

We utilize web analytics software to conduct research and collect website use statistics, and how our visitors come to our website, what the nature of their activity on our website is, what browser software they are using, and what operating system (make and version) they are using.  

However, this analytics information, obtained through Javascript in the pages of our website, is not connected to privately identifiable data. 


We utilize various cookies on your website. If you are unaware about what cookies are, or how to manage or delete them, our recommendation is to visit www.aboutcookies.org for comprehensive guidance. 

The following tables detail the cookie we utilize on this website and what we utilize them for.  

Presently, we function on an ‘implied consent’ policy which is based on the assumption that you are content with this usage.  

If you are discontented, then you should either 1) avoid using this website, or you should remove AICorespot cookies that contain data on site visitation, or you should surf this site utilizing your browser’s anonymous browsing setting – referred to as ‘Incognito’ on Chrome, “InPrivate” for IE, “Private Browsing” in Firefox and Safari. 

Session cookies 

We utilize a session cookie to recall your logging in and what you’ve included in the shopping basket. We regard these as mandatory to the functioning of the website. If these are not enabled, then several functions of the website will be inaccessible. 

More data with regards to session cookies and what their purpose is: www.allaboutcookies.org/about/cookies/session-cookies-used-for.html 

Persistent cookies for site analytics and performance 

Google AdSense  this cookie is utilized by Google for performance reporting with regards to the advertisements we carry on the website. 

DoubleClick (Google) 

This is very much like the cookie above (both are owned/administered by Google) – but it is particular to the display advertising on our website. We will ensure the anonymity of user/visitor data. 

As above, you can discover more general specifics about Google and its policies and principles with regards to advertising at www.google.com/policies/privacy/ads 

Google Analytics 

We utilize Google Analytics to make sense of how our website is being utilized so we can keep working on the user experience. We strive to ensure anonymity of user data.  

You can discover more about Google’s position with regards to privacy in connection to its analytics service at: https://www.google.co.uk/intl/en/analytics/privacyoverview.html 

Web Beacons  

AICorespot’s web pages consist of electronic images known as web beacons (occasionally referred to as single-pixel grips) and are utilized in conjunction with cookies for compilation of aggregated stats to conduct analysis on how our website is being utilized and may have been used in some of our emails to let us know which emails and links have been used by recipients. This enables us to measure the effectiveness of our customer communications and marketing campaigns.  

Social buttons 

On several parts of the website, you will see ‘social buttons’ being displayed. This provides our visitors and users with the facility to share and bookmark our webpages. 

There are buttons for: Twitter, Google +1, Facebook ‘Like’, LinkedIn ‘Share’ and StumbleUpon. 

To ensure functionality of these buttonsand tag them to the corresponding social networks, and external websites, there exist scripts from domains external to AICorespot. 

You should know that these websites are apt to be accumulating data with regards to your activity all over the internet, and this includes the AICorespot website. 

Therefore, if you use any of these buttons, these pages will be documenting that action and is apt to utilize that information. 

In certain scenarios, these websites will be documenting the fact that you are coming to AICorespot, and the particular pages you are visiting, even if you refrain from clicking on the button if you are logged into their services, like Google and Facebook. 

You should look at the particular policy conditions of each one of these websites to view how exactly they utilize your data, and to identify how to opt out of, or remove such data. 

External web services 

We utilize various external web services on the AICorespot website, primarily to show you content within our web pages. 

For instance, to show you images, we mostly use Flickr, for slideshows we occasionally utilize slideshare, to display videos, we utilize Vimeo and Youtube. 

This does not provide comprehensive data on the services that we utilize, or might use in the future, when content is being embedded, but these are the most typical. 

With regards to the social buttons we are unable to stop these sites, or other external domains from getting information on your utilization of this embedded content.  

If you have chosen to not log-in to these external services, then they will be unaware of who you are but are apt to collect anonymous usage statistics (e.g. number of views, plays, loads. Etc.) 

Email tracking 

Some emails that we put out contain no tracking in them at all, for example, service emails. 

Other emails we deliver we enter in tracking in order to know how much traffic these messages send to our website but we are unaware of who has accessed that data as it is anonymous. For instance, our daily newsletter. We utilize Amazon SES as our email service provider. Looking forward, we can utilize any SaaS based email marketing service as well.  

Amazon SES utilizes cookies so that its server can identify a repeat visitor as a unique user. Cookies are miniscule text files downloaded onto the user’s hard disk and enables Amazon SES to recall the user/visitor. 

The cookies downloaded by the server can be read only by the Amazon SES and these cookies are unable to access, read or modify any other information on a computer.  

All internet browsers provide the functionality to refuse a cookie. If a visitor doesn’t want the Amazon SES cookie, it does not collect any data on that user and that would need you to re-enter specific data at every visit, or avert us from customizing the website’s features on the basis of your preferences. You can also remove a cookie normally from your hard drive. 

Cookies do not inherently contain any private data. We do link the info we document in cookies to any privately identifiable data you input while on our website.  

For additional insight on Amazon SES Privacy Policy: visit https://aws.amazon.com/privacy/?nc1=fpr 

Surveys and contests 

Occasionally, our website may require information from visitors/users through surveys, contests, or for a specific service (e.g. newsletter)

Taking part in these surveys is entirely voluntary and the visitor/user therefore has a choice if they desire to broadcast this information. 

Data requested will consist of contact details (as provided to the website at the time of registration) and supplemental data on your professional interests, opinions, and preferences (e.g. software preference, working practice and styles, views on industry issues, feedback on the AICorespot website) 

We will utilize the contact details to furnish notifications to winners.  

Will refrain from publication of winners details on the website, however, on requisition, we will furnish info of any winner’s name and company. Provided the survey or contest features a sponsor, then we might share data provided by entrants with the sponsor, but only with the informed consent of the user.  

With regards to payment processing online, we need the billing address for the credit card utilized, and our external payment provider needs your credit card information.  

Member profile 

We feature a member profile on the website which consists of profiles of our individual members. We document details of contributions we have done for the site, for example, forum content, blog comments, job adverts, press releases, etc. – and link to these, where appropriate, from your user profile, except where you have opted to contribute in anonymity. 

It is firmly against policy for any firm, organization, or attendee to try to host or organize any event in conjunction with, contiguous to, or purporting to be connected with AICorespot– without the explicit permission authorization, and co-operation of AICorespot. 

In the scenario of a violation of these terms, any tickets obtained will be made null and void. AICorespot maintains the right to initiate any such legal action which includes claims for damages as and when may be relevant.  

Including but not restricted to utilization as a part of any promo or competition. In a scenario where there has been resale or any attempts to resell tickets (or any other violation of this term), we maintain the authority to cancel the connected tickets with immediate effect. 

We maintain the authority to cancel any ticket purchase made by any individual or entity who we sufficiently believe to be connected with any ticket broker or tout.  

AICorespot maintains the authority to restrict entry to any event or conference for any action, which it views as not acceptable, or as a violation of the terms and conditions. This is applicable to both physical events and virtual/digital events.  

AICorespot will not be held accountable for any tickets that are lost or stolen. 

The unsanctioned usage of photographic and recording equipment at events is not allowed. You permit to audio and video recording as attendees at any event or conference. 

AICorespot and its subsidiaries will not be held accountable for any loss, injury, or damage to any person or property howsoever caused (except for death or grievous injury as an outcome of AICorespot events). 

For queries regarding registration or assistance with any issues about registration, do get in touch with us or contact@aicorespot.io. 

If you’ve been chosen to volunteer at any event, but have already obtained a ticket, you are ineligible for a refund. 


Complaints can be made to contact@aicorespot.io. We will resolve client complaints and pay heed to suggestions wherever possible. 

General clauses 

AICorespot will be entitled to delegate the responsibilities provision of its duties under this agreement.  

No separate terms will apply to this agreement and these terms consist of the complete agreement and understanding in between us with regards to all issues, which are indicated herein and take precedence over any prior written or oral agreement between us with regards to such issues.  

You provide confirmation that by agreeing to accept these terms, you have not depended on any representation that is specifically included herein and you confirm that you shall have no remedy with regards to any misrepresentation which has not become a part of these terms.  

However, there isn’t anything specific in these terms that purport to negate liability for any statement or act that qualifies as fraud. 

If any aspect of the terms herein are deemed illegal, void, for any cause not enforceable then that provision shall be considered to severable from these terms, and will not impact the validity, authenticity, and enforceability of the remainder of these terms. 

You agree that you will not: 

  • Utilize the website (or any portion of it) for any unlawful purpose and confirm to use it in agreement with all the relevant laws. 
  • Upload or communicate to the website any security threats. 
  • Utilize the website in a fashion that may i) cause interruptions, damages, or otherwise render less efficient or such developed to interfere with, intervene or disrupt the typical operational procedures of a computer or ii) any content that defames, offends, or is of an otherwise lewd or intimidating nature, or that may cause nuisance, hassle or unwanted duress, iii) that the overall efficiency or operation of the website is in any manner impaired or iv) is a violation or infringement of the rights of any person, firm or company (including, but not restricted to, rights regarding IP, rights of confidentiality or rights of privacy of the website) 
  • Develop or publish a hypertext link to any portion of the website or try to make any unauthenticated access to any portion or component.  
  • Replicate, emulate, or distribute any part of the website in any medium without AICorespot’s express consent in writing.  
  • Change or modify any portion of the website other than as may be reasonably needed to utilize the website for its intended use.  

We maintain the right to: 

  • Alter or withdraw, on a temporary, or permanent basis, the website (or any portion/aspect of it) with or without notification to you. 
  • Modify these terms on occasion. Your ongoing use of the website (or any portion of it) upon such change shall be subject to and include the changes made to the terms on occasion. 
  • Survey any activity and material with regards to the website.  
  • We may look into reports of breaches of these terms and conditions to confirm that we are not accountable to you or any other party(ies) for any alteration to the content or cessation of the website, and/or considered to be your acceptance of any such change. You are accountable for checking consistently if the terms and conditions have been altered. If you are not in agreement with any modifications to the terms, then you must instantly cease using the website, and/or complain with regards to the website and initiate any action that we deem appropriate (which might include, but not be restricted to, issue of warnings, suspension, termination, or related conditions to your access and/or removing any materials from the website. 

Limitation of liability  

While we utilize endeavors within the bounds of reason for verification of the integrity of any data we place on the website, we make no assurances, in any form with regards to its accuracy.  

The website is furnished on an as is and as available basis for your info and private use only with no representations or endorsement. If not indicated in separate terms and conditions with regards to a specific product or service, we make no assurances of any sort, in any form with regards to the website or the products or services provided on the website whether by us, or on behalf of us including, but not restricted to, implied warranties of satisfaction with regards to quality, fitness for a specific purpose, non-infringement, security, accuracy, compatibility, condition or completeness or any implied assurance coming from course of dealing or usage or trade. You acknowledge that we cannot provide assurances and will not in any way be accountable for the security or privacy of the website and any data provided to or taken from the website by you. 


You concur to be completely accountable for (and completely indemnify us against) all claims, liabilities, damages, loss, cost and expense, this includes legal fees, incurring by us and happening due to any breach of the terms by you or any other liabilities incurred by us happening due to your utilization of the website, or utilization by any other party accessing the website through your pc or online access account. 

Intellectual property and right to use 

You acknowledge and concur that all copyright, trademarks and all other IP rights with regards to all material or content held in the website will stay at all times owned by AICorespot or our licensors. You are allowed to utilize this material only with our express authorization. 

We maintain all rights not explicitly granted in and to the website and the materials on the website. 

Attendees who are legal minors 

  • Attendees who are legal minors must be with an adult chaperone until conference registration/accreditation collection. 
  • Chaperones are not needed to be at the conference given their minor attendee(s) is/are aged 16 or over but are free to do so given they purchase a full ticket. 
  • Chaperones must reveal themselves, in person and with valid identities, to conference employees in the midst of the minor attendee at the point of registration/accreditation collection. 
  • Chaperones must furnish valid contact details for the duration of the conference. 

The conference may need documentation for authorizing the minor’s attendance before registration/accreditation collection. 

These paperwork includes, but is not restricted to, the following: copy of passport or other ID for both the minor and the chaperone(s), copy of the minor’s birth certificate, notarized letter of consent signed by both mother and father or the legal guardian (or by a single parent with attached documentation of sole custody). 

AICorespot – is to comply with these documentation requirements. 

  • Kids lesser than 3 years of age will be let in free of charge given they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. 
  • The conference is not accountable for any requirements with regards to travel to or from the conference site. 
  • Please cross-check with the airline provider and other agents of travel, as rules are variable. 
  • Many hotels need any minor guest to be accompanied by an adult. 
  • Chaperones may be needed to stay in the hotel room with the minor and may be needed to be primarily accountable for the booking of that room. 

Requirements by age 

  • <=3: chaperone for the timeframe of the event; free entry for the kid. 
  • 3–16: chaperone for the timeframe of the event; ticket needed for both minor and chaperone 
  • 16–18: guardian permission at registration; ticket needed for minor only 
  • 18 +: ticket required 

*Date of birth prior to date of accreditation collection.